Empowering Students to Positively Impact the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem


The Rines Angel Fund at the University of New Hampshire allows students to take what they are learning in a variety of classes and apply it to practical business settings. Students become knowledgeable in a variety of industries, meet with entrepreneurs, source attractive deals, and co-invest alongside 50+ investors in the greater tech community, while measuring and consulting high-growth startups.




        The Rines Angel Fund is a highly selective year-long four credit course at the University of New Hampshire; students must successfully complete an arduous application and interview process to be accepted into the Fund as an associate. Student associates are versed in angel and venture capital investment strategies through a balance of angel investing research conducted at the Center for Venture Research, deal flow generated from actual companies seeking funding, and industry experts.

       The Fund allows high-achieving students of all backgrounds and academic disciplines to engage in an environment of like-minded individuals, including other students, entrepreneurs, investors, and business professionals. The collaborative atmosphere and the utilization of resources at the University of New Hampshire allows students to gain incredible experience -- and results in quality due diligence reports that inform investments.


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