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Devereux Evans

Devereux Evans is a senior from Bedford, NH. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with options in Finance and Accounting. His most recent internship was in the financial planning and analysis department at Liberty Mutual Insurance. He aspires to pursue a career in the field of private equity investing with a focus on early stage start-ups. After graduation, Devereux will be working at Liberty Mutual in the Financial Management Program. He joined the Rines Angel Fund because of the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a field of business that students have limited access to, and to apply what he has learned in the classroom to real world companies when conducting due diligence.

Axel Ragnarsson

Axel Ragnarsson is from Chester, NH. He is an Entrepreneurial Studies and Finance major interested in pursuing a career in private equity after graduation. Following his sophomore year at UNH, he received his real estate license and enjoys helping his clients purchase profitable investment properties. Additionally, he founded his own real estate investment company where he purchases and manages multi-family properties throughout New Hampshire. Over the past year interned as an Associate at 10X Venture Partners in Manchester, NH. After graduation, he will be scaling his real estate company with the goal of acquiring apartment complexes throughout the United States via syndication. He joined the Rines Angel Fund to pursue his interest in early stage investments and to work with exciting companies that are just launching.

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Samuel Collins

Sam Collins is a Senior from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He is pursuing a Major in Economics as well as a dual minor in French and History. He spent the summer of 2016 in Boston working at Liberty Mutual Insurance as a Human Resources Intern on the Pilot team in charge of supporting the United States Commercial Market. Previously he worked at Gemr, a small tech startup located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This is where he got his first taste of the startup culture, and since then it has constantly been a part of his life through Rines and his current position as an advisor to an Esports startup called MetaBiscuit. After graduation, Sam will be working at Liberty Mutual Insurance in the Human Resource Development Program as well as assisting a local startup in business development.

Tyler Cornellier

Tyler Cornellier is from Hooksett, New Hampshire. He is a senior in the University Honors Program at the University of New Hampshire’s Paul College School of Business & Economics, studying both Finance and Business Analytics with a specialization in Quantitative Finance. He is an analyst for the Atkins Investment Group in addition to his role in the Rines Angel Fund, and has career interests in business analysis as well as research analysis, forecasting analytics and portfolio management for securities on the open market. He currently day trades with a small account and plans to refine a strategy to see growth over time, and hopes to pursue a career focused on investment banking with the goal to eventually pursue opportunities in private equity. Tyler joined the Rines Angel Fund to actively participate in a venture capital fund with like-minded individuals to gain real-world experience.

David “Chip” Linton

Chip Linton is a senior from Hingham Massachusetts and is pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a duel option in Entrepreneurial Studies and Finance. His favorite aspect of UNH is the supportive community and the endless access to opportunity.  He has always had a passion for extreme sports, particularly snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding.  Chip used to compete in snowboarding and had a few starts in professional competitions.  He hopes to one day start his own company focused on the extreme sports industry.  He also has aspirations of joining the corporate private equity sector of a larger firm.  As far as his bucket list, well it is truly endless, however he hopes to spend a year traveling the world looking for Earth’s best surf.


Brendan Beale

Brendan Beale is a senior from Harvard, MA. He is majoring in Business Administration with a dual focus in Accounting and Finance. He has always been interested in investments and alternative energy. Brendan had the privilege to pursue this interest with his internship at the Community Development Finance Authority in Concord, NH. He worked with their Clean Energy Fund by providing financial payback spreadsheets to illustrate returns on energy efficiency projects. Brendan is also a co-founder of MetaBiscuit, an E-sports entertainment app. This summer he will begin a full-time position with PricewaterhouseCoopers in their Boston tax department. Brendan joined the Rines Angel Fund because he wanted to see the differences in the valuation process of start-ups compared to that of companies in the public sector.

Julianne Calef

Julianne Calef is from Rochester, New Hampshire. She is a senior studying Accounting and Finance and she hopes to have a strong career in business after graduation. This past summer, she interned locally at Liberty Mutual in their Finance department, but she also has some work experience on campus. She currently works at the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership during the school year and has worked at and managed an ice cream window over the past four summers as well. She joined the Rines Angel Fund because she was looking for a unique business experience. She wanted an opportunity to enhance her skills and she thinks that the Rines Fund is the perfect way to broaden her knowledge of investing. Julianne recently accepted a full-time position with Liberty Mutual Insurance’s Financial Management Program for after graduation.

Zachary Dresser

Zachary Dresser was born and raised in West Newbury, Massachusetts. He is a sophomore pursuing a major in Finance and a minor in Social Justice Leadership. With strong, professional role models growing up, Dresser aspired to be involved in Finance at a very young age. Recently, his interests have turned towards private equity and financial advising. Zachary has worked for EBSCO Information Systems, a multinational provider of research databases, for a little over a year in Customer Success. He looks forward to seeing the continued growth of his real-world business skills in the Rines Angel Fund.

Sean Hickey

Sean Hickey is a sophomore from Milton, Massachusetts where he is pursuing a degree in Business Administration in the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire. He values the aspects of community and inclusion. Sean was a First-Year Orientation Leader where he embraced the role of sharing the University’s academic and social expectations. He is also a Senior Counselor at Camp Shriver which is sports inclusion camp that consists of children from low-income families and children that have special needs. He serves as the Service and Philanthropy Committee Head of Alpha Kappa Psi and looks to use the leadership gained from these experiences and use them in his fields of interest which are financial advising and investment banking.

Matthew Kiley

Matt Kiley is a senior double majoring in Economics and Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. He is from Maynard, Massachusetts. His career interests are within the financial services industry where he would like to pursue a career as an investment banker or in the wealth management field. He is interested in the private equity market as well and hopes to work that into his career later on. Matt’s most recent internship was with Commonwealth Financial Network in the compliance department. In addition, he has an interest in real estate as well. Matt previously worked for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices N.E. Prime Properties where he interned for two years. Matt joined the Rines Fund because he wanted to develop a greater understanding of angel investing and the strategies used in the process. In addition, he wanted to gain first-hand experience in the investment approach decision making process and learn how to invest smartly. Outside the classroom Matt enjoys playing soccer, running, and traveling.

Andrew Ware

Andrew Ware is a junior from Manasquan, New Jersey pursuing a dual degree in Economics and Philosophy. He is student with a myriad of interests, ranging from travel and outdoor activities to future technologies and their ethical implications. Andrew received the Eagle Scout award in 2014 after completing his Leadership Service project, and continues to serve as a leader in several organizations on campus, including Socratic Society and the Student Honors Council. Andrew plans to follow a path leading to a career at the nexus of economics, technology, and philosophy. Andrew joined the Rines Angel Fund because he wanted to engage in interdisciplinary discussion regarding innovative business ideas and is interested in exploring venture capital funds and angel investing.


second-year associates

Kathryn Aiken

Kate Aiken is a sophomore Business and EcoGastronomy major and an inaugural year member of the fund. Aiken founded the now nationally recognized non-profit, Project PLAY, in 2013 and continues to sponsor children to play sports and distribute equipment in the state. In her first year since moving from Manchester, NH, Kate became a member of the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, assisted in the development of the FIRE program, and won runner up in the 2016 Holloway Prize Competition. In her second year, Aiken continues to support the entrepreneurial community at the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center, work at the Office of the President, and represent the fund on Live Free and Start’s working group to promote women investors.

Ryan Casey

Ryan Casey is originally from Bedford, New Hampshire. He is a senior at UNH and has a dual major in Finance and Accounting. He currently works at Liberty Mutual as a tax and compliance intern and this past summer worked as a corporate tax intern also with Liberty Mutual. He plans to either pursue a career with Liberty Mutual or in public accounting after he graduates. He joined the Rines Angel Fund because he has always been interested in start-ups and wanted to learn more.

Sarah Keiran

Sarah Keiran is a senior in the Paul College of Business and Economics and is also a member of the University Honors Program. She is a Business Administration major with a concentration in Accounting and recently added a minor in Women’s Studies. Sarah will be working as an Assurance Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Boston after graduation and plans to become a CPA. She is also a Dean’s Ambassador and has represented Paul College and the dean at events during the academic school year. Sarah is also member of the cross country and track and field programs, and has been since her freshman year. Sarah joined the Rines Angel Fund because she wanted to take part in all the research and work put into an investment deal and she is also very interested in start-ups.

first-year associates

Harrington Duval

Harry Duval is from Derry, New Hampshire. He is graduating senior at the University of New Hampshire pursuing a degree in Political Science. Over the past summer, he interned at Harbor Real Estate LLC, a real estate investment firm specializing in multifamily apartment complexes and student housing projects throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Much of his work focused on researching specific student housing markets for various universities located along the East Coast. He hopes to continue in the real estate industry following graduation. He joined the Rines Angel Fund to gain more valuable real-world experience and to increase his understanding of the start-up investment process.

Tristan “TJ” Evarts

TJ Evarts is a Chemical engineering student at the University of New Hampshire. TJ is currently CEO of SMARTwheel Inc. a tech startup company he founded in 2014 to bring his invention, SMARTwheel, to market. SMARTwheel is the first intelligent steering wheel cover that helps prevent distracted driving and has received international media attention and recognition. SMARTwheel has been featured on ABC's Shark Tank, BBC, MSNBC, and the Today Show to name a few. TJ has always been an inventor, filing his first provisional patent application with the USPTO in 2006 when he was 11, and filing three more provisional applications for new inventions through 2009. His utility patent for SMARTwheel was issued in 2013 when he was only 18. TJ is very passionate about technology and entrepreneurship and has hosted, spoken, and exhibited at many STEM and entrepreneurship events across the country.  He joined the Rines Angel Fund to learn about, and better understand, the Angel investment process from the other side of the table.

Jennifer Lueke

Jennifer Lueke is a sophomore in Paul College at the University of New Hampshire where she majors in business administration with possible options in marketing, management or entrepreneurial studies. She is originally from Danvers, Massachusetts and has come to love Paul College and all it has to offer at UNH over the past year. Joining the Rines Angel Fund is another step towards her future career goals and she hopes to use the hands-on experiences that Rines offers in order to learn more about early stage investments and to participate in the analysis of launching companies.

Michael McCarthy

Mike is from Bow, New Hampshire. He is currently a sophomore studying business administration with an option in finance. This past summer, he worked in customer service at Bank of New Hampshire. He really enjoyed this opportunity to learn about banking and observe the local economy. He loves managing money, and hopes to one day do so professionally whether it be for a business or for individuals. He joined the Rines Angel Fund to develop the skill of spotting smart investments, and knows this will be a great opportunity to learn outside of a traditional classroom. When he is not studying, Mike enjoys playing golf and basketball, as well as discussing current events.

Keelan McCoole

Keelan McCoole is a junior from Bedford, NH. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Entrepreneurial Studies. His most recent internship was at BAE Systems Empower division assisting with idea evaluation and maturation. He joined the Rines Angel Fund to learn more about real-world investing as well as the startup process for new businesses.

Devin McMahon

Devin McMahon is sophomore pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a dual minor in communications and political science. In 2012, at 15 years old, Devin traveled to Ethiopia and fell in love with the culture and beauty of the country. Her love for the country soon translated into a desire to help it, and by the fall of 2013, Devin entered into her first entrepreneurial venture -- a 501(c)3 organization to support education in developing nations, beginning with a focus in Ethiopia. Last Spring Devin competed in the UNH Holloway Competition, taking home second place for her new venture- LilyPad. She is excited to be an associate of The Rines Angel Fund to expand her knowledge of private equity and to see the other side of investment deals.

Brennan Ross

Brennan Ross is a junior from Hampton, New Hampshire. He is pursuing a Major in Business Administration with options in Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies. At the University of New Hampshire, Brennan enjoys the vast amount of opportunities available and values the sense of community among the students. Being surrounded by entrepreneurs and business executives for much of his life, he has always pursued opportunities within the business world. In 2015, Brennan started his own real estate development company specializing in mixed-use and office space. He joined the Rines Angel Fund to gain first-hand experience with things such as investment decision-making processes and innovative business ideas.

Nicholas Stuart

Nick Stuart is a freshman from Bow, NH. He is planning to pursue a major in Business Administration with a dual focus in Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies. He has a deep interest in new technologies and their future applications. During his first semester at UNH, Nick formed lasting connections with peers and business professionals by pledging the professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, and listening to speakers and seminars on campus. He enjoys spending his time at the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center where he is actively involved in programs that help engage students and garner their interest in the entrepreneurial field.

Peter White

Peter White is a sophomore student in the Paul College from Jaffrey, NH. He is pursuing a degree in Economics and is interested, career wise, primarily in private equity and investment banking. This past summer he spent in Yellowstone National Park on a mission trip through campus ministry "Cru." Next summer, Peter hopes to intern performing primary research or analyzing emerging markets debt in New York. He joined the Rines Angel Fund to diversify his range of investment understanding and gain valuable experience in the world of start-up investing.

Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams is from Derry, New Hampshire. He is a senior majoring in Business Finance in the Paul College School of Business & Economics. Ryan has submerged himself deeply within the cultural aspect of UNH through sports, clubs, and education. He is currently an active real estate agent; he aspires to venture into the world of real estate investment properties. Over the summer he worked as a licensed real estate agent at HomFront Realty and also had a sales internship at a local health and wellness center in his home town. He joined the Rines Angel Fund in order to increase his knowledge in the world of venture capitalism, improve his eye for what investing strategically and smart looks like, and also apply many of his major’s skills to a real life setting.

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